Role of the school

The Antonine Schools are inspired by the fundamental objectives of the Congregation and its religious, patriotic, social and human values to ensure the education of the new generation and to form a New Man for a New World. The values of our institution aim to create a believing, free, democratic citizen, opened to cultures and knowledge. In a few words, our role resides in educating according to spiritual, humanitarian and civic criteria.

Our emblem

Our emblem is the Tau or T-shaped Cross of St. Anthony the Great (250-355), that symbolized the key of life for the Pharaohs. The Tau was then adopted by the Coptic Christians of Egypt.

In Christianity it has a triple meaning:

– Biblical: sign of election, preservation and confirmation

– Theological: sign of death, resurrection, hope

– Monastic: symbol of contemplation and wakefulness from the monastic tradition that made it the crutch of Saint Anthony the Great.

Important dates

1956: Establishment.
1958: Acquisition of the license and commencement of courses:
– Free tuition: At Mr. Bou Abboud’s home and at the house of the legacy until 1972.
– Paid tuition: In a new building consisting of two floors
1983: A third floor.
1987: A new kindergarten building

2003: A new building for primary and kindergarten.

Principals from 1958 to present day:

Sister Victoire El Doueihi (1956-1957)
Sister Nathalie Bassil (1957-1965)
Sister Alice Araigi (1965-1966)
Sister Alexandra Massoud (1966-1971)
Sister Berthe Antar (1971-1974)
Sister Félicité Daou (1974-1980)
Sister Nathalie Bassil (1980-1983)
Sister Berthe Antar (1983-1989)
Sister Theodora Mardini (1989-1998)
Sister Lucie Aklé (1998-2001)
Sister Marie-Augustin Irani (2001-2013)
Sister Jean-Pierre Bou Madi (2013- till present day)